Carolina-AI: Work Zone Intrusion Detectors and Traffic Counters

Carolina Artificial Intelligence Systems LLC (Carolina-AI) offers a range of camera-based detection systems that are geared towards the needs of work zones. We also offer devices that collect traffic and event data.

Our Technology for Smarter Work Zones

We offer a range of camera-based work zone safety products - without the complexity of traditional Work Zone safety solutions.

  • Work Zone Vehicle Intrusion Detection and Alert Device
  • Pedestrian Detection and Alert System for Hazardous Work Sites
  • Work Zone Intrusion Incident Recorders

Simple-to-deploy, cost effective systems with timely customer support service.

Traffic and Urban Area Sensors

Smart camera-based sensors for all your data collection needs including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian counts. Custom design event detection capability.

  • Dynamic reports and dashboards
  • Easy to Use Report Templates
  • Privacy-minded: no images or videos stored (unless it is needed)
  • Onboard data processing
  • Breakdown of count data in categories such as cars, busses, trucks, motorbikes, and more

Uses state-of-the-art AI technology to detect the objects in the scene. Ability to customize the geometry of the area being detected.

Focusing on customers' needs

We are a dynamic U.S. based startup company

Our aim is to develop low-cost, smart solutions for the planet's serious problems. Our initial focus area is work zone safety and intelligent transportation systems.

Responsible AI design

We put a little smartness in our compact light-weight devices.


We use AI-based onboard image processing so your privacy is protected. Nothing gets uploaded to cloud.

Worldwide Support

We can provide online project engineering support for your projects anywhere in the world.

Order your product today!

Let us discuss your safety and data collection needs. We are ready to identify the best product that meets the specific needs of your project.

"We are a for-profit company with a social goal: to find solutions for the world's significant problems."

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Dr. Erol Ozan
CEO of Carolina-AI

Our current product portfolio

Please take a look at the products we currently offer. Please keep in mind that we also custom design solutions.

Woziad Citadel

Camera-based Work Zone Vehicle Intrusion Detection and Alert System

  • Can detect intrusion events that occur up to 3,200 feet (1 km) away from the workers
  • Light weight. Easy to setup. No need to approach active traffic lanes. The detection area is defined by drawing a poygon on a monitor.
  • Privacy minded: No images or videos stored on device or sent to cloud.
  • No data connection costs: Does not require Internet connectivity. No subscription costs.
  • Generates audio alarms to alert workers
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Woziad-Incident Logger

Our camera-based work zone vehicle/pedestrian intrusion incident data recorder

  • The device records the photos and videos of the intrusion events together with the timestamps of the events. The device detects and records incidents of vehicles and/or people entering in the restricted area.
  • No data connectivity costs
  • Compatible with Excel: Incident data is stored in digital files that are compatible with Excel and standard text editors.
  • Secure data storage: Recorded data is encrypted and stored on device with password protection.
  • Intrusion incident data can be downloaded from the device using a USB stick (thumbdrive)
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Carolina-AI Vehicle and People Counter

Our camera-based device counts the vehicles and pedestrians in user selected areas

  • Can be configured to count vehicles, people, or both. Provides an analysis of vehicle counts by category such as trucks, busses, motorbikes, cars.
  • No data connectivity costs
  • Data is stored in Excel compatible digital files. Secured with password.
  • Data can be retrieved using a USB stick.
  • Data analysis, reporting, and graph functions.
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Full Range of Services for your Smart Work Zones and Traffic Data Collection Projects

Let us discuss your specific needs for your projects. We offer cost-effective engineering and training services.

  • Training and certifying your workers to use our safety devices
  • Architecturing and deploying optimal work zone intrusion detection and alert systems for larger complex projects
  • Vehicle count data analysis and reporting services

We are ready to provide a full range of support services onsite or online.

For Investors

We are a dynamic startup company with a great team with track record. We are looking for investors who can join us in our journey.

  • We are uniquely positioned in our industry
  • We are a company founded by a team of academicians who have genuine passion and published research in what we do
  • We invite qualified individuals and teams to become our early investors

We are passionate about our products and services. We believe that our technology and know-how provide a unique strength for our enterprise.

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