Woziad Citadel - Work Zone Intrusion Detection and Alert System

The system has two stations: the sensor station and the alarm station. The alarm station is positioned close to the workers and generates audio alarms when the sensor station detects an intrusion. The sensor station is placed upstream of the traffic. The distance between the two stations is determined based on the average speed in the roadway and the reaction time needed by the workers to vacate the work area. The sensor station transmits alert information via wireless radio signals. The distance between the two stations can be up to 1 km apart, which provides ample time for workers to escape from the trajectory of the intruding vehicle.

Camera-based Work Zone Intrusion Detection: How does it work?

The monitored area is identified by drawing a polygon on the screen. The camera can be placed away from the active traffic; therefore, the safety of the device operators is ensured. Devices can be powered by AC outlet or the system can use the batteries provided in the product kit. We can develop solar powered battery options if needed. System is operable during daytime with good to moderate visibility conditions. Nighttime operations require the illumination of the monitored area. The system can operate in moderate rain or snow precipitation. Heavy fog and heavy precipitation that cause low visibility (i.e. visibility range shorter than 130 feet or 40 meters) reduces the detection accuracy, therefore, not recommended for this system's operation. We provide online and/or onsite training and certification for the operators of this product.

  • Two powerful speakers alert workers
  • Both sensor station and alarm stations are equipped with weatherproof speakers
  • Longer the seperation between the sensor and alarm stations, longer reaction time is provided for workers to escape from the path of the intruding vehicle

Simple-to-deploy, cost effective systems with great customer support service.

How to setup the stations

The typical setup involves scenarios which have one or more closed lanes adjacent to active traffic lanes. The system is designed to detect the intrusion of a vehicle into a closed lane. The objective is to alert the workers about the approaching intruding vehicles via audio alarm. The more separation between the point of entry and the workers allows more time for workers to react and protect themselves.

  • Polygons are drawn on a monitor screen to identify the closed lane segment that will be monitored. You can use your Mac or Windows laptop as a monitor. Android mobile phones and tablets can also be used.
  • The estimated setup time is 15 minutes.
  • We provide online tutorials and videos to train your operators to correctly use the system.
  • Ask about our online and onsite training and certification programs.
  • It is possible to configure a system that deploy multiple sensors and alarm units.

Uses state-of-the-art AI technology to detect the objects in the scene. Ability to customize the geometry of the area being detected.

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